3D Product Modeling a Men’s Watch

3D Product modeling a men’s watch with the surface modeling technique.

We will share with you the texturing, rendering, and an animation video of this product soon.

In this post, we collected six images of the wristwatch model that we created.

As you can see in these images, the model is completed.

3D Product Modeling a Men’s Watch

The lines of the model aren’t hidden intentionally.

Obviously, we want you to see the quality and accuracy of modeling.

3D Product Modeling a Men’s Watch

3D Modeling a wrist watch

The model you see in the images subdivided twice.
As you can see in these images, when we subdivided the model, no error or problem pops out.

3D Product Modeling a Men’s Watch

These images are taken from the final model inside of Cinema 4D.

* Cinema 4D is a 3D software that is so appropriate for hard surface modeling.

3D Modeling a wrist watch

Here are two-shot from the side view of the wrist watch.

3D Modeling a wrist watch

It is obvious that the model has a completely clean topology.
that means the object modeled in the correct way without any error.
In the texturing and animation process, this is so important to have clean topology.

men's wristwatch 3D modeling

As you may know, after modeling its the time to start texturing, and after that, we can render this CG model.

3D product rendering has a separate process, so we will upload those rendered images on its specific post.

CG men's watch modeled by Renderingline

Its the end of 3D Modeling a Men’s Watch.

We created some rendered images and an advertising animation for this product that we will upload on a separate another post.

Peter Lendzki

Peter Lendzki

Peter Lendzki is a CG Artist and Founder of Renderingline where provides 3D Product Rendering and visualization services to people around the world.

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