3D Product Modeling and Rendering a Battery

3D Product Modeling and Rendering a Battery with surface modeling technique.

this model is a part of the radio visualization project. We will upload the video soon, so you can see the animation.

3D Product Modeling and Rendering a Battery

Here are some 3D Product Rendering images of the Battery we modeled before.

3D Product Modeling and Rendering a Battery As it’s obvious in the above image, we created a neat scene for the model by putting it next to a bunch of other batteries.

In the part below, we have two images of the battery model with a simple background.

Most of the online shopping websites have these kinds of images with white or transparent background.

Modeling and Rendering a Battery

a little more information:

We created this model using Cinema 4D which is a 3D software. For UV mapping we used RizomUV that is the best software for UV mapping. for texturing, we used Adobe Substance Painter. as you know, after texturing, it’s time to start the rendering process.we used Keyshot for rendering the 3D model.

3D product Rendering of Battery

In the below part, there are images taken from the final model inside of Cinema 4D software.

Modeling a Battery

We created a neat advertising animation for this product that we will upload soon.

Battery Modeling and Rendering

Here is  the end of 3D Product Modeling and Rendering a battery post.

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