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Peter Lendzki, the founder of renderingline

peter Lendzki

founder of Renderingline

Peter Lendzki is a CG Artist and Founder of Renderingline where provides Product Rendering and visualization services to people around the world.

about me

at first, I was working as a site designer and SEO you maybe know the photoshop is the most used software for designing the user interface of websites. (these days a lot of designers Use Adobe XD for UI and Ux design) so I worked with photoshop and Illustrator  all day every day.

Simultaneously I start learning editing software like premiere pro for video editing and after effect for 2D motion graphic stuff.(I was in a long term working relationship with a great English teacher and my job was to design and SEO the website beside the editing and doing some VFX for the videos we were shooting using green screen technique.)

in the year 2013, I finally start to learn skills related to the 3D CG World. I started with learning 3D Modeling and motion graphics using Cinema 4D r15 and after three years I got an export at 3D modeling (Surface Modeling). I tried and learn almost every 3D software for hard surface modeling.(not much different for this use).

I mostly use Cinema 4D and Keyshot these days.

in all these years i put all my time and lots of money to learn Artistic principles beside learning the industry standard softwares.

after some time working as a freelancer I chose 3D rendering and visualization as my full-time job and I start this website to make that happen.

my goal is to make all of my clients satisfied in my entire career.

you can directly contact me by sending me an email to, I will be more than happy to get in touch with you.

About me, Peter Lendzki