How Much 3D Rendering Cost

The goal of this post is to Check out How much a 3d rendering project cost in different situations.

How much 3d rendering cost?

It between fifty dollars for a single image with a transparent background to Tens of thousands of dollars for projects that include animation.

we are gonna talk about the complete Explanation now. It depends on so many factors to provide the real price of a project.
To find out the value of a 3d rendering project, we must investigate a bunch of things.

  • let’s check out some of them:
  1. The person or team that provides the service
  2. Rendering type
  3. The value of mod
  4. Cost of Risk
  5. The software and plugins used in the project

The person or team that provides the service

there isn’t a need to mention that the Salary of artists and companies is different.
Is this a single freelance artist or a company or website that includes a team that provides the service?
A freelance artist and a company like disney or Framestore aren’t the same, as well as their services.


3D Rendering types

  • Let’s talk about the image rendering first, there are different types of rendering like
    rendering the 3D Model on a white background. (It’s so popular)
  • Infographics images
  • building a fully 3D scene that’s suitable for the model
  • for creating 3D product animation and motion graphics There are more types For summary: 2.5D motion graphics, fully 3D animation, videos with VFX type effects like realistic explosions.

The value of the model

This is completely reasonable and fair. Service pricing for a car company is different from an ordinary person.

Cost of Risk

There may be risks for cooperating with freelancers and companies.
How many people will see the final rendering and how much that can affect the Sell more or less for the company?
Is there any deadline? What happens if the rendering service couldn’t provide the final images or animation on time?
Even there are Positions you work with a freelancer who used models, music, or lots of other things in your project that he or she doesn’t right to use and it may make problems for you in the future.

How Much does 3D product Rendering Cost In different cases

in this part we are going to talk about Different types of Pricing Strategies:

1.) Hourly rates
The most ones who work this way are freelancers. For example, the freelancer tells the client that the job takes at least 5 hours and he or she works $50 an hour, which means the whole project costs $250.
Most professionals don’t work this way. Because it means if you work slower then you make more money! plus they should explain to the client what they did that the project takes this long and it is Crush the nerves of the service provider and the client.
As your guest, we are not a fan of this Strategie.

How Much 3D rendering cost per hour?

Between $25 an hour to more than $100., it depends on the service provider you choose. Professional artists and companies work daily or per project.working

2.) Daily rates
it’s so popular, especially in the VFX and Entertainment industry.
In this case, the service provider says to the client that the process of the project takes 6 days and our daily wage is $600 so the project costs $3600 for the client.

3.) Monthly contract
It’s suitable in case a small company wants to have the amount of rendering for their site or social media every month.
For example, you want to have four 3d images of your products to upload on Instagram plus three images for your website, every month.

How Much 3D Rendering Cost

4.) Per project
This is the best choice in our opinion.
It’s the win-win scenario for the service provider and the client both because the exact cost of the project is clear at first.
For example, the client wants to have a 3D model of their product plus 4 images from different angles plus 20-second animation.
The service provider considers the final cost equal to $3200 for the whole project and sends it to the client.
Of course, there are some contingencies in this type of pricing strategy.
For example, the 3D Product Rendering Service tells the client that they can request 2 free major revisions and if they request more revisions that will cost extra money for them.

5.) per image pricing
Per-image pricing is popular in 3d product rendering and visualization industry and it works well for small projects.
Customers of this type of service are the ones who want to sell their products online or put the images on their website.
The client charges a fixed price per rendered image and a scalable price depending on the numbers of render he or she decides to purchase.

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