Product Rendering a Men’s Watch

3D Product Rendering images of the men’s watch we modeled it before.

Today we have a modeled watch to render.

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3D Product Rendering and visualization , 3D Product Rendering a Men’s Watch

Product Rendering a Men’s Watch

In the following part, you will see the images of the watch that we created.
You can see the post about modeling this watch in the link below:

3D Product Modeling a Men’s Watch

We collected 5 images with simple backgrounds.

3D object visualisation We combined three different colors of the watch in the image above.

As you see the colors are golden, silver, and blue.

3D Product Rendering a Men’s Watch

wrist watch product rendering

Cinema 4D was the software we used for the creation of the model; also we used Keyshot for 3D lighting and rendering.

Wristwatch 3D Visualisation

wrist watch 3D Product Rendering

The main used materials are steel and glass.

Men’s Watch 3D Rendering

3D rendered image of a men’s watch that modeled by ourselves.

Rendering CG modeled watch or any other product is the best choice in the case of putting on websites galleries, magazines, posters, mobile or desktop app, and obviously if you wish to have 3D product animation of the object.

Men’s Watch Product Rendering

Peter Lendzki

Peter Lendzki

Peter Lendzki is a CG Artist and Founder of Renderingline where provides 3D Product Rendering and visualization services to people around the world.

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