Product Rendering a Pressure Cooker

3D Product Rendering images of a Pressure Cooker

Today we have a 3D CG Model of a Pressure Cooker to render

3D Product Rendering a Pressure Cooker

Here you can see an image that we rendered of the 3D product we mentioned before.
We created a kitchen scene for the pressure cooker that is the most suitable place for the product.

Cinema 4D was the software we used for the creation of the scene in the top image; also we used Keyshot for 3D lighting and rendering.

Product Rendering a Pressure Cooker

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The product’s Model has 35,890 polygons.

scroll down to see the 3D Rendered Images.

Product Rendering a Pressure Cooker

3D Rendering images of a Pressure Cooker

Kitchenware visualisationPressure Cooker Rendering

3D Rendering a Pressure Cooker


As you probably saw, we put 3 images with white backgrounds.

Images with transparent or white backgrounds are the most used images on online shopping websites like Amazon and eBay.

These kinds of images that have no scene around the rendered product cost less money and time, plus it can show the intended 3D model much better without any confusion.

Peter Lendzki

Peter Lendzki

Peter Lendzki is a CG Artist and Founder of Renderingline where provides 3D Product Rendering and visualization services to people around the world.

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