Texturing a 3D Gel Pen

Texturing a 3D Gel Pen

Here in this post, we are going to show you the texturing result of a gel pen.

you can see the post about modeling this gel pen in the facing link: 3D Modeling a Pen

Texturing a 3D Gel Pen

The image below describes the difference between the textured model and the one without any material.

Texturing a 3D Gel Pen

We textured the main part of the gel pen with Substance Painter.

In the image below, you are able to see the model and its UV map inside the Substance Painter.

Gel Pen 3D Texturing with Search Results Web Result with Site Links Substance Painter

As you may notice, the model is not completed in the top image.

We textured the untextured part directly inside the rendering software.

Keyshot is our chosen software for rendering the CG pen.

The proper images will upload in a separate post in the 3D Product Rendering categories. The images which you see here are just for showing the texturing process.

Texturing a 3D Gel Pen, 3D Product Texturing

Both types of the model with material and without that are shown in the image in the above part.

Product Texturing

Product Texturing is a very important job that is between modeling and rendering.

Texturing a 3D Gel Pen

If you have a completed 3d model that has no texture or you want to make some edits to the texture you have, we can help you to reach the result you want in the best way possible.

If you are interested, there is an animation video of this product in the 3D Animation Category that you can watch.

Contact us if you need any texturing service.

Peter Lendzki

Peter Lendzki

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