we wanted to explain to you what 3D Product Rendering is and we will do this purpose with the help of existing images, videos and examples so we can show you its benefits much better.

What’s 3D Product Rendering?

3D Product Rendering is the process of creating 2D images from the product’s 3D models.
this process completes with the help of computer graphics and the art of the CG artist who works with 3D rendering software like Keyshot.

as you see, we created a Dedicated image for you to understand the meaning of 3D rendering.

What's 3D Product Rendering and Its Benefits​

As you can see in the image, we are in a 3D Modeling software in the left part, and then in the right part, we have the complete rendered image.

In 3D modeling software, the 3D designer creates the object that can be any product. Now the modeling part is done, now we can start rendering the model. All 3D software has an internal rendering section, however, there are some rendering engines and software with more speed and benefits in the industry. in the last stage, we finally can give life to the object with the help of realistic light and material.

You know the basic answer to your question now.

know it’s the time to understand how rendering works so get it completely.

it’s time to understand how 3D rendering works and talk about its benefits.

How does 3D rendering work

for more explanation I can say to you an example:
Consider that we have a product and for advertising purposes, we want some images or videos of it.
first, we must already have or build a 3D model of the product then the process can get started.

* We can model anything you want at a reasonable cost, just send a message to us after pressing the contact us button.

  • Here Are the Five main stages of the 3D Product Rendering process:
  1. creating a flawless UV map
  2. building high-quality texture
  3. lighting the scene
  4. Camera settings
  5. after these processes, we will render the scene and give the final image to the client

in the video down below, you can see a 3D model inside a 3D software.

* it is a dumbbell that we created inside Cinema 4D software

Product rendering Benefits:

  • Here are 7 Benefits of 3D Product Rendering:
  1. it’s cheaper Compared with product photography
  2. there is much more power of choice and change
  3. there is no danger threatening the product in case the product is a lot Valuable or big and heavy
  4. Ability to create motion graphics and animations.
  5. there is no need to do the same process for every color combination of products. This factor reduces time and cost.
  6. having the 3D model of the product before the real product produced.
  7. flawless transparent background: it’s so easy to render the object with a transparent background that can be so helpful for advertising purposes.

in the image down below, you can see a 3D model inside a 3D Rendering software.

* it is a Doll that we render inside Keyshot software

3D Rendering Software interface

The Speed of Process

we as the artist must do a lot like creating the right material, lighting the scene in the correct real-life way, choosing the best camera settings and place, choosing the best render setting, and much more.
With all that said before, there is another side of the job that we didn’t mention. Part of the job that computers should do and it takes so much time to get completed.
Despite all the progress over the years but rendering is still has a slow process.
the companies all around the world try to make the process as fast as possible. we are doing our best to shorten the time of rendering with the help of powerful computer hardware so the client can have the final result as fast as possible.
Rendering software either uses the GPU, CPU, or both for creating the final render images.
Those that use the power of the graphics card are faster, like Redshift.
Redshift is a GPU-accelerated biased rendering plugin that can be used with almost all the 3D software.
Redshift is one of the best and most used renderers in the CGI industry without any doubt.

the difference between 3D rendering engines and rendering software:

The most fundamental difference is the rendering engines are plugins that work inside of other 3D software but rendering software work Standalone.

here you can take a look at the list of best 3D Rendering Engines and Software:

all these render engines and software are great

  • some of the best 3D render engines:
  1. Maxon Redshift
  2. Octane Render
  3. RenderMan
  4. Arnold
  5. Corona Renderer
  6. V-Ray
  • some of the best 3D rendering software:
  1. Keyshot
  2. Maxwell Render
  3. Houdini Mantra
  4. Lumion

Some questions that we think you need to know those answers.

How long does 3D rendering take?

The Whole Rendering Process Takes Between 1 To 5 Days depends on the clients’ wants. the given time is according to our services.

the reason that nobody can say the exact time that 3D rendering takes is that it depends on a lot of things like:

  • How many images must be delivered
  • the complexity of the Model and its materials
  • the type of background and scene
  • the resolution of images
  • the number of revisions: the number of times the clients want us to change the model and scene.

What is the best software for 3D Product rendering?

Keyshot is the best Software in the case of rendering 3D product Images, it’s so fast and working with it is so easy.

Maxon Redshift is the best choice in the case of rendering animation and complex scenes.

what is the use of 3D Product Rendering?
It mostly used for marketing and advertising purposes like:

  • putting the rendered images on online shopping websites and apps,
  • putting on the website gallery
  • creating 3D animations and
  • banner designing
    putting images on catalogs
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