There are so many different types of 3D software with so many different features and prices.

if you asked some people or searched online before about this topic, obviously you already know there are a lot of different answers to this straight question.

Keep in mind that we are talking about the best software for 3D Product Rendering.
because of that, the answer will be a lot easier.

we used and tested all major 3D rendering software and engines before.

but let make this clear that we are talking specifically about Standalone 3D software not engines with plugins for other software.

What Is The Best Software For 3D Product Rendering?

Keyshot Is The Best Software For 3D Product Rendering.

Keyshot is a standalone 3d rendering software that is so professional but easy to use as well.

we pick Keyshot in The final competition with Maxwell Render.

Maxwell Render is a great rendering software but not the best for product rendering compare to the Keyshot.

Continue reading to dive into the details of each of the features of this 2 rendering software we pick for the Final Competition.

as you probably know, this is only our opinion about these two great software.

Every artist has a different opinion

in fact, Choosing the best software is in some parts tasteful.

Compare KeyShot to Maxwell Render


Ease of Use 98%
Ease of Setup 80%

Maxwell Render

Ease of Use 80%
Ease of Setup 75%

these two are the best rendering software in our opinion.

surely, there are other software and render engines that you can render everything you wish with them in the best way possible.

for instance, we can mention The Foundry Katana.

Katana is a Lighting & Look Development software that has his own free rendering engine names 3Dlight.

In addition, we must mention the great rendering engine named Redshift.

Redshift is a GPU-accelerated biased rendering plugin that can be used with almost all the 3D software.

without no doubt, Redshift is one of the best and most used renderers in the CGI industry. (we think it’s the best)

we will talk about rendering engines more later on a separate post.

What Is The Best Software For 3D Product Rendering?

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